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Spilled Chocolate milk on Tommy's head : Kayla Elaine

Ø    Screen name ( the name you use for modeling ) Kayla Elaine
Ø    Age 21
Ø    Height 5'8
Ø    Place of birth Clarion County
Ø    Current city Clarion County
Ø    Your family background : Small Family
Ø    How they help you in modeling career ? Support
Ø    Any special childhood prank or memory : Spilled Chocolate milk on Tommy's head at school. 
Ø    Educational qualification : Highschool Diploma, Cosmetology License
Ø    How you became a model, how did you experience the first job you did as a model? Looked photographers up myself and it was fascinating, fun, and I completely fell in love.
Ø    Why did you choose this line ? Thought it was an amazing magazine!
Ø    Your inspiration : My life
Ø    Projects you have worked in : 4 Issues in Fahrenheit.
Ø    Recent projects : This one. 
Ø    Put these factors in order of importance for becoming a successful model: The right looks, hard work, luck       hardwork, luck, looks.
Ø     What's been the best moment of your life ? Every day that I wake up to do something better. 
Ø    What would want in the afterlife? Spend it with the people that I love and miss. 
Ø    If not modeling ,what would u hv done ? Cosmetology and Itworks. 
Ø    Wild dream: Make myself known. Make it in this world. 
Ø    Hidden fear : Needles
Ø    Hidden talent : Successful in everything I do.
Ø    What is the sexiest part of your body ? My eyes and boobs. 
Ø    Your first kiss ? Can't Remember.
Ø    First crush/love ? First real love was Jessie Dotterer
Ø    Define LOVE in your words . A passion and feeling so intense it takes your breath away and tears your insides apart. 
Ø    Message for youth n freshers in this line ? First key is to always believe in yourself and the impossible! Until you do that you will make it no where!
Fav song – kokamo by The Beatles
Fav movie- Perks of Being a Wallflower
Fav dance form-  Booty Poppin
Fav color- Purple!!!
Fav brand- Juicy Coutour
Fac car- Chevy
Fav place 2 spend holidays- I would love to go to the beach with my loved ones
Fav fruit- Pineapple
Fav flower- Dont have one.
Fav cold drink- Coffee
Lastly, what do you think of Modelz View Magazine n Modelzview.com ?  Its absolutely breathtaking and i'm so blessed and thankful to be a part of this magazine .

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