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Nothing was going to stop me : Model Jayde

➢    Screen name ( the name you use for modeling ) Jayde
➢    Age 29 (03/24/1987)
➢    Height 5’5
➢    Place of birth st.petersburg, FL
➢    Current city sarasota FL
➢    Your family background : I was born in St.Petersburg, FL. I grew up In bradenton Florida and went to LRHS high school. It was awesome because I still have the same bestfriends now as i did in middle school. Donna who is my mother and an amazing teacher, Two brother Hunter who plays baseball for SCF. Seth who plays baseball in the minor leagues for the pittsburgh pirates. My dad ken is an engine specialist, Tim who we lost a few years ago, but was also an amazing father. My husband Shaun who is my rock and my two beautiful children Kaylee 9 and Miles 6. Oh and an awesome mother-in-law named Diana who is letting me use her computer right now to write this. 
➢    How they help you in modeling career ? Shaun Morgan helped me by taking me to the photoshoots I have done. My mom has also watched my children so that I could attend shoots.
➢    Any special childhood prank or memory : One night my friends and I stayed up really late playing ouija and we got a message saying we would get a sign at 12:00am. So we stayed up all night hugging each other in a ball waiting for a sign….and nothing happened. LOL, we laughed for days afterwards. 
➢    Educational qualification : AA degree from state college of Florida + 1 year at USF

➢    How you became a model, how did you experience the first job you did as a model? I went ahead and just put myself out there. I didn't know what I was doing, but I knew I had what it took and nothing was going to stop me. So I put my name out there for a spice girls photoshoot as baby spice and nailed it. I knew then that I most definitely had what it took to be a successful model.
➢    Why did you choose this line ? Because i am a seamstress and modeling enables me to really show off my work, not only to I get to create and make a piece of unique and fun clothing item, but i get to show it off as well. Its really fun.

➢    Your inspiration : The ability to create something when others see nothing. I take fabric and create it into a beautiful piece of art, put it on myself, step back and go….. Wow, I made this? 
➢    Projects you have worked in : I hand make and model my own line of mermaid style apparel and sell it online at siestakeymermaids.com
➢    Recent projects : I am working on a fashion line for a runway show in Miami currently, where I plan on modeling one of my own pieces down the runway.
➢    Put these factors in order of importance for becoming a successful model: The right looks, hard work, luck ...they are already in order. You have to have the right look period to be a model, then you work your butt off and with the right luck you will be successful. 
➢     What's been the best moment of your life ? The best moment is when I opened a retail store on Siesta Key and filled it with my own handmade clothing, watched people come into my store and just love everything I made. 
➢    What would want in the afterlife? Who cares, i'll be dead.
➢    If not modeling ,what would u have done ? I'm a seamstress and a model. 
➢    Wild dream- it involves Johnny Depp and a very large pirate ship… oh, and lots of Rum.
➢    Hidden fear : Heights
➢    Hidden talent : I can pogo stick with no hands
➢    What is the sexiest part of your body ? my hips...BAM
➢    Your first kiss ? spin the bottle, i had to do a peck  in the closet with a boy named Garrett Harney
➢    First crush/love ? Shaun Morgan, was and still is my crush for life.
➢    Define LOVE in your words. The ability to love someone unconditionally without worrying about their social status, economic status, or even their physical appearance. 
➢    Message for youth n freshers in this line ? Don’t give up on your dreams, and if anyone tells you you can't do it, don’t listen. Work hard, stay healthy, and never have no in your heart. You will get there.
Fav song – rolling stones- beast of burden 
Fav movie-  Halloween the original 
Fav dance form-  Thriller
Fav color- Pink
Fav brand- coach for brand….. Rammstein for band
Fac car- Viper
Fav place 2 spend holidays- with family
Fav fruit- banana
Fav flower- blood red roses
Fav cold drink- coke
Lastly, what do you think of Modelz View Magazine n Modelzview.com ?  
I love it, and  i am extremely honored and proud to be apart of it. Being in this magazine proves I have what it takes to be a successful model.

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