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I wouldn’t want anyone to cry over me : Model Candice Reeves : Exclusive Interview


Photography : Rob Harrison

Name : Candice Reeves

Age: 24

Height: 5’2
Vital stats: weight 120 lbs, 34-32-34, size 7 shoe, size 3 dress, red hair, blue eyes
Place of birth: Riverside, California
Current city: Victorville, California
Your family background: I am married with three kids. Very close and loving relationship with our family. Everyone will practically give you the shirt off their back.
How they help you in modeling career: My mom (Lisa Pettitt) and grandma (Sherry Hudelson) are my biggest fans. They have been there through the ups and downs in life and all processes. My husband also supports me in all I do. My grandma has gone with me to a few interviews and I plan to take my mom on a few soon.
Any special childhood prank or memory: When I was really little I was really smart. So around Christmas time I wanted to open my presents early. My grandma told me I couldn’t because it wasn’t Christmas yet. So about 5 minutes later I ask my Dad and he tells me no. The third time I asked my grandma again and so this time she took me to a calendar and explained how many days left till Christmas. So an hour went by and then I asked again. My grandma told me, “Well now Candice we already went over this and you understand it’s not Christmas yet?” I said “yes but there’s a turtle in there and it’s going to DIE before Christmas.” One I wanted a turtle really bad when I was little and I had an excuse to try and open presents. It didn’t work but I love that story.
educational qualification: I have finished highschool. And I am enrolled to start college in august 2014.
How you became a model, how did you experience the first job you did as a model? It went great! It was a tfcd photoshoot and was a little nervous because I hadn’t just gone to meet up with someone to take pictures with before. But my first shoot was with Darwin Alberto and he made the whole process easy and comfortable. It was a lot of fun and I have continued on ever since. The funniest moment is how each new photographer reacts to my hiccups. I have had hiccups everyday throughout the day since I was 16. I am known for that where ever I go. I have probably tried every way there is to get rid of hiccups. Nothing helps.


modelz_view_aqstrashot_dec_2013  modelz_view_aqstrashot_dec_2013




Why did you choose this line? Well when I was little my grandparents always had me in front of a camera or video camera. I loved it and had so much fun. When I got older I found out there was a way you could do that and possibly get paid for it. Do something you love and get paid for it? Who wouldn’t? Plus I love doing modeling. It so much fun and I love the people I meet and love the art we create when it is all said and done. It’s an amazing process and I love it!

Your inspiration: My inspiration is my kids. I have done everything in life once I started having kids in making sure everything the need is taken care of.
Projects you have worked in? I haven’t had a big break or anything yet. I have just been building my port and helping photographer’s build theirs as well.
Recent projects? I haven’t had a big break or anything yet. I have just been building my port and helping photographer’s build theirs as well.
Put these factors in order of importance for becoming a successful model: The right looks, hard work, luck: 1 Hardwork 2 the right looks 3 Luck
What's been the best moment of your life? I can’t narrow it down to one event or day really. But I would have to say the best thing in my life are my kids and husband.
What would want in the afterlife? I wouldn’t want anyone to cry over me. I would want every to throw a party and scatter my ashes. I would hope that I would go to heaven to be with god.
If not modeling ,what would u hv done? Well I was in the military for 5 years. Now Im going to go to college for baking and pastry. When school is done I am going to start my own business in catering and event planning.
Wild dream: My wild dream would be to become a model for something big and be able to either act or do commercials.
Hidden fear................?? Deathly afraid of clowns.
Hidden talent.................?? drawing
What is the sexiest part of your body ? I believe it would be my eyes.
Your first kiss ? The summer before Sophomore year on a roller coaster at Scandia in California.
First crush/love? First crush was in 6th grade. The kids name was Corey.
Define LOVE in your words. Willing to do anything for that person, out of selflessness.
Message for youth n freshers in this line? No matter what anyone says never give up! If you put all you got into it and not take rejection to heart, you will be unstoppable!


fav song – Nothing Else matters By Metallica

fav movie- The Italian job and fast and the furious
fav dance form- Jazz and Tap
veg or non-veg- not a vegatarian
fav color- blue
fav brand- Metallica
fav car- 67 mustang fastback
fav place 2 spend holidays- as long as Im with family that’s all that matters.
fav fruit-I like strawberries.
fav flower- Stargazer lilly
fav cold drink- Cherry Coke

Lastly, what do you think of Modelz View Magazine n Modelzview.com ? I think you guys do a great job and are amazing. Not too many magazines will take in models who aren’t big in the industry. So I give you guys awesome props for giving us who havent had that big break an opportunity. Thank you.

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