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yes I’ve desired to have plastic surgery especially in my younger twenties : Model Sarah Clayton

¬    Screen name ( the name you use for modeling )  Sarah Clayton 
¬    Age  31
¬    Height. 5’1
¬    Vital stats. 32C-24-36
¬    Place of birth Philadelphia, PA 
¬    Current city.  Scranton, PA 
You have an amazing portfolio and you have worked on so many projects as a model. Which of the projects you have worked on are you most proud of and why?
    Thanks!  The projects I take the most pride in are those that involved a personal goal.  Playboy was a personal goal and I’ve been fortunate enough to have been published 4 times as well as be featured on Playboy Plus.  The others include working with worldwide-recognized brands such as Men’s Health Magazine for a few fitness DVD’s and videos for their website and a couple major catalogue brands.   
What do you enjoy most about your profession?
    I love traveling and meeting creative, fun people.   Some of the sweetest, most passionate people are those I’ve met in Mexico while working for some adult all-inclusive resorts.  Getting to be a part of creative projects is a ton of fun for me and a departure from my full-time career in healthcare.

What do you believe is the key to success for a model? What qualities does one need to succeed?
    Honestly I believe a good work ethic will lead to success in just about anything you choose to do.  I’m successful at this because I work my ass off and don’t care about traveling 2-3 hours one way to get to a location to work with someone I’ve wanted to collaborate with.   I’ve found that you have to keep at it, keep striking and keep a good relationship with the people who have supported you along the way.  

What do you find the most challenging part about working in the fashion industry?
    A huge challenge in this line of work is self body image.  I’m fortunate enough to have a really strong family background and been raised by parents who felt someone’s character and the way they treated people mattered more than what they looked like or what they had.  It’s much harder now with social media and a two-dimensional image in your face displaying what someone wants you to see.  My body is proportional and I have all of my own parts, but yes I’ve desired - especially in my younger twenties - to have plastic surgery.   The thing that held me back was the fear that something would happen during surgery or I’d have difficulties with it down the road - and for what?  If I was perfectly happy with my body without society’s judgement of what a woman should look like, then why change anything?   

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